Formerly known as ECPAT-USA, PACT is the new name under which the non-profit will be active. After 30 years of existence, the non-profit’s mission hasn’t changed: protect children from sexual exploitation and traffic by means of legislative advocacy, education and partnerships. To accompany the change, we realized a poetic film embodying PACT’s mission and identity by integrating their corporate guidelines into an organic graphic storytelling bringing their human-centric core to the spotlight.
Client: PACT
Agency: 23bis
Producer: Gabriel Saurer
Creative & Art Director: Guillaume Mégroz
Lead Animator: Elisa Ciocca
Designer & Animator: Mathilde Traversié
Copywriter: Michael Kirwan
Voice-over: Katrina Massey
Editors: Julian Zimmerman & Lionel Moerch
Sound-designer: Niccolò Chotkowski (Smider)