Gifs, doodles, short short projects that can't fill up an entire page but still have a special space in my heart :)
Like these silly characters... what are they even doing ??
Go vote yourself !
On the left: too bad it wasn't used... but it could have really been used for the title sequence of the series ! It was a commissioned trial by the very production of The End of The Fucking World. I would have picked it :) And on the right: wouldn't it be cool as a logo for an Editorial brand ?
And these were bulky designs for some footballers for a social campaign in Lausanne...
First time I was using Motion 2 ! Bouncin'...
The first one could have been my ident: Elica is both the sum of my name-surname (ELIsa ciocCA) and in Italian it means "propeller" ! Of which I really like the hypnotizing movement. For the second animatoin... turn the sound on !